100% Purchase Protection

At kutumbs we try our best to maintain the highest standards of security for customer information and ensure that you are shopping in a safe and secure environment.

How to pay for purchasing a product and what are the payment options?

We offer various payment options including secure online payment and all our payment are processed through a secured payment gateway via:
Debit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, Maestro and RuPay)
Credit Cards (Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover and JCB)
Net banking (All major banks)
Wallets (All major wallets)
International Cards (Visa, MasterCard)

We also offer Cash on Delivery (COD) for selected pin codes.
If you prefer to make a payment on the moment you receive your product, you can choose our Cash on Delivery (COD) option instead. Cash on Delivery is a payment method where you pay for a product in cash or Debit/Credit card, when the courier company delivers the item to you.

Currently We only use PayPal as payment gateway.

Do you accept credit cards [international] on

Right now, we do accept PayPal for International credit cards on

What are the options if I do not have a credit / debit card?

Without having a Credit / Debit card isn’t a big problem shopping with us as we support Cash on Delivery (COD) where you can pay with cash when the products deliver to your door step.

What are the banks offers EMI options for purchasing?

Presently we don’t have EMI options of our own. We are partnered with banks for EMI options. To avail EMI option for 3, 6, 9, 12, & 24 months please find the EMI options from the Payment Page.

Are Pre-Paid Credit Cards/ Virtual Credit Cards accepted?

Currently Pre-paid cards can easily be obtained from most major banks as a virtual card. You may use pre-paid credit cards to buy our products. Your shopping will be a convenient, safe, secure and discreet method of payment .To avail this facility at checkout page mention your pre-paid card details as a regular Card.

What are currency options?

Our default display prices are in USD, but can easily be changed to any by simply changing the country & currency Converter settings at product page.

What is Cash on Delivery (COD) option?

Currently we are delivering only pre-paid orders. But we do have Cash on Delivery (COD) for products at selected areas which are a very convenient way to buy products at our site. We have Cash on Delivery on selected zip codes. Please check COD availability for the product at your area before order.

How COD works?

When you place an order at our website choosing Cash on Delivery as payment method, an OTP will be sent to you to verify your order on the number you registered with us.Once your detail is verified we will start processing your order and make it ready for delivery. Your order will be picked up by Courier Company to deliver. After receiving the product you pay the complete amount only in cash or by Credit/Debit card.

Can I purchase any product with COD option?

No, COD option is available on selected products on our website.

Why is COD option not available at all locations?

It is depending on the courier companies we are partner with. Please check with your ZIP code during order to find out if COD is available at your location.

In case of COD payment how long will it take to receive the order?

It is depending on the location and the courier service. You will find the duration if the COD option of your Zip code is available. Just after verifying the order with you we will let you know the duration detail.

What are the additional charges for the COD payment?

There are no additional or hidden COD charges. You will pay only the billing amount you saw during order and checkout.

Is cheque payment accepted?

NO, COD payments are cash / cards [Debit and Credit cards] only.

How safe it is to use banking/credit card/ debit card information at

Shopping with us is a completely secure process. All payments are processed through a Payment Gateway for Credit / Debit card payments and Internet Banking. Latest in encryption technology is used with the Payment Gateways to protect the payment details. The payment details of our customers are safe and not saved anywhere online.

Are my sensitive information’s like credit card information will be stored?

No, we don’t! We respect our customer’s privacy and never collect or store any of your account information. The transaction is always authorized through Payment Gateways, Visa and MasterCard and the Banks. Our payment gateways use very good encryption system that protects all security data. For your safety, privacy and protection, no financial information is stored on website or server.

How secured are the payments on kutumbs website? uses SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption, you can find it while browsing our website url’s. SSL is mandatory for online shopping websites as per law. We regularly update our site and codes as well as examine our security policies to make sure we can to protect your personal information.

Is the shopping cart secure and PCI compliant?

Our shopping cart and webhost both are Payment Card Industry (PCI) compliant to ensure that our customer’s information is safe & secure. All your personal details including payment detail are processed over a secure connection on secure servers to ensure the data remains protected. We do not store any data on the website or server. The payment page is always secured with Secure Socket Layers (SSL) to encrypt all customer information prior sending it to the server.

What are the reasons for payment declined or an error with my payment?

Payment can be declined or not going through by various reasons:
1. Entering wrong credentials [like password or credit / debit card number].
2. Payment gateways technical issues.
3. Incorrect OTP (One Time Password) submission.
4. Insufficient account balance [Check your account balance to ensure the amount available for purchase].
5. Credit card limit exceeded. [Contact your bank to inform about your credit limit]
6. Allow 3rd party cookies and 3rd party redirections for your browsers as this is a mandatory requirement for these transactions to be processed.
7. Do not attempt to make a payment several times with a same card, use a different card instead, or try one of our alternative payment options.
8. If the error remains, try to place Cash on Delivery Order if it’s available at your location.

You can also contact our customer care team on

Branding free shipping box so no one even the delivery person will know what you have ordered. All orders are sent with a non-descript return address instead of

Some important points on COD

Your registered mobile with us for the Cash on Delivery payment should always be available and answered. Mention your correct address and landmark during order to locate you easily.
Keep the cash ready and available at the address to receive the product.

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