Ketana gives you 30% Extra SALAD During the Month of January, April, July & October every year. Watch for our super pack of 950ML containing extra salad.

OFFER valid on all VEG & NON-VEG salad for selected Months Only. Container & Serving Size Increases UP TO 30%. Offer may get Extended on Demand.

Why 30% EXTRA Salad?

JUST TO Compensate our Clients…

Yes, we sell greens, and greens are very moody, they simply refuse to grow throughout the year. But we know those moody greens are also very important parts of our macro calculations. Therefore we try to arrange and deliver those greens with extra cost during the offseason. Same way when those greens are very much available in the market during the season (especially winter) we get them at a cheaper price.

We are fitness, food & Lifestyle company and, we are very much passionate about our work.  We also love our Clients and don’t want to RIP them Off. This EXTRA 30 % is only for the Greens we provide with our salads and it’s like Compensation for the price difference we experience throughout the year.

Why Not Compensate with Price Discounts during Season?

Our Clients are very much health conscious and they keep on working out throughout the year and also maintain a balanced diet all the time. So, we simply break the compensation into four parts of the year ie. JAN-APR-JULY-OCT. Onto those months we offer 30% Extra Greens with our salads



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