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Regardless of its title, strongman coaching is not only a sport centered on getting sturdy. It is about getting higher at just about each measurement of athleticism: explosive energy, psychological toughness, conditioning, and sure, energy. Hit strongman-style workouts with out altering a single factor you eat, and you will probably burn off some extra fats whereas additionally including some high quality lean muscle.  

Nevertheless, you may positively tilt the scales in your favor primarily based on the way you eat, and add muscle whereas staying in your weight class. And no, it does not contain copying these movies of world-class strongmen consuming 10,000 energy per day! Here is what you want to know to develop the proper means.  

Constructing Your Gasoline Plan: The Guidelines 

To develop whereas coaching like a strongman, you want to get snug with the concept that meals is, most significantly, gasoline for coaching and gasoline for restoration. And gasoline works greatest when it is prime quality. 

No, this does not imply you must get out the food scale and begin counting your macros, though you definitely can do this if it really works for you (and if it does, you could find our really useful macros under). If you’d like guidelines relatively than exhausting numbers, listed here are 4 to information you:  

  • Eat numerous high quality meals and as little sugar or junk meals as attainable. 

  • Construct every meal round a strong serving of a protein-rich meals. 

  • Drink lots of water and eat limitless veggies with each meal, if attainable. 

  • Do not attempt to cram the whole lot right into a single meal or two. Make healthy snacks your buddy. 

On the lookout for just a little bit extra specificity? In the event you rely nothing else, having some primary data of protein measurement might be the game-changer you are searching for. Get to know what 30 grams of protein looks like in plenty of staple meals, study to eyeball it (it does not must be exact), and construct every meal round protein-rich meals within the 30-gram vary. 

Then, unfold these 30-ish gram blasts throughout sufficient meals to place you near 1 gram of protein per pound of your physique weight per day, which is the science-backed commonplace laid out for lifters and different athletes in Bodybuilding.com’s Foundations of Fitness Nutrition Course

In the event you’re a 175-pound man, you will get near it with three meals, 1-2 protein-rich snacks, and a post-workout protein shake. In the event you’re bigger, one other snack or shake can get you there. 

Getting in 1 gram per pound of physique weight of protein each day is simpler, cheaper, and extra snug with protein shakes. Case closed.  

Constructing Your Gasoline Plan: The Macros 

In the event you’re somebody who’s snug counting macronutrients or energy, nice! You possibly can thrive on strongman utilizing this strategy, as effectively.  

To begin, use our macro calculator to find out your energy to start out the plan. Enter your data and choose “upkeep” below the vitamin aim part and “flippantly lively” below exercise stage. 

You could hesitate to eat at “upkeep” energy when you’re seeking to gain weight, however wonderful issues can occur at upkeep stage, particularly if you’re coaching exhausting and prioritizing high quality meals sources. Plus, this lets you dial within the high quality of your meals earlier than dialing up the amount. Consider it this fashion: As soon as you realize the proper method to eat, you may all the time eat extra! 

Subsequent, you may distribute these energy appropriately throughout the three main vitamins: carbohydrates, protein, and fats. A sub-optimal distribution might result in poor efficiency and restoration, and it positively will not enable you add muscle and energy. 

Here is the ratio favored by Anthony Fuhrman, professional strongman and creator of the favored BodyFit coaching plan Whole-Package deal Power with Anthony Fuhrman:  

Macros for Training and Non-Training Days

In the event you’re extra of a “simply gimme the grams per physique weight” lifter, this is how Fuhrman likes to do it: 1.2 grams per pound of physique weight of protein, 1.4 grams per pound of carbs on coaching days (half that on relaxation days), and 0.24 grams per pound of fat. Utilizing this strategy, relaxation days will mechanically have fewer energy than coaching days.  

In the event you’re new to macro counting and want steering on how you can flip these numbers into meals, try the article “From Here to Macros: 4 Steps to Better Nutrition.” 

For most individuals, this shall be sufficient carbs to carry out like a boss within the fitness center, sufficient protein to recuperate and add muscle, and sufficient fats to really feel nice. However since you’re cycling your carbs (increased on coaching days, decrease on relaxation days) you can even keep leaner within the course of.  

Nutrient Timing for Strongman 

In the event you scour the web, you may discover arguments for and in opposition to the significance of nutrient timing. Certain, it may possibly enable you carry out the easiest in your self and enhance athletic efficiency, however not if it is so sophisticated that you could’t comply with it constantly for weeks or months at a time! 

Thankfully, it does not must be sophisticated to be efficient: Here is how you can construct your day optimally for outcomes: 

Your First Meal of the Day: On a coaching day, do not carry out any exercises on an empty abdomen. Exercises this intense want gasoline within the tank! Have each carbs and protein in your first meal of the day.

Pre-Exercise Meal: In the event you practice within the morning, your breakfast might be your pre-workout meal. In the event you practice later, eat a high-protein, high-carb, low-fat meal 2-3 hours earlier than coaching, and even perhaps a light-weight snack an hour or so earlier than coaching. That is the strategy I like to recommend within the article, “The Ultimate Guide to Leg Day Nutrition,” however it works for any intense, long-duration exercise.  

Put up-Exercise Gasoline: In the event you actually need to kick-start restoration, have a protein shake proper after coaching, then a meal inside the hour containing each protein and carbs to refuel your depleted glycogen reserves.  

When you have your meal plan nailed down, it is time to flip your focus to what dietary supplements you may take, and when, to get an edge. We have got you lined there, too, in the complete information, “8 Supplements for Strength Athletes and Bodybuilders” by Krissy Kendall, Ph.D.

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